Armstrong vs Halangahu Born to Fight 8 At YMCA Auckland

Born to Fight 8 takes place at YMCA Auckland in Auckland, New Zealand this coming Saturday 28 November 2020. The event features a series of kickboxing, MMA and Muay Thai bouts with two WKN titles contested in the headliner of the show.

Event Born to Fight 8: Armstrong vs Halangahu
Date Saturday 28 November 2020
Time 4 PM NZDT
Venue YMCA Stadium – Auckland, New Zealand
Live stream

In the main event Dhcamad Armstrong of New Zealand faces off Lapa Halangahu of Tonga. The pair meets in a five-round bout with World Kickboxing Network Super Cruiserweight title on the line.

In the co-main event Rasy Soth of New Zealand takes on Yordniyom Yuttakangumtorn of Thailand. The five-round contest is for WKN World Featherweight Muay Thai belt.

The complete Born to Fight 8 lineup can be found below.

The main card start time is set for 6:30 pm NZDT, following the undercard kicking off at 4 pm NZDT.

Promoted by Vahid Unesi, Born to Fight 8 follows a historic World Cup held in Auckland, New Zealand in November 2019.

Born to Fight 8 card

Main Card

    • Dhcamad Armstrong (New Zealand) vs Lapa Halangahu (Tonga), 5×3 mn rounds – for WKN World Super Cruiserweight Kickboxing Title
    • Rasy Soth (New Zealand) vs Yordniyom Yuttakangumtorn (Thailand), 5×3 mn rounds – for WKN World Featherweight Muay Thai Title
    • Hakaria Wilson vs Ferg Jenkins, 5×3 mn rounds, MMA
    • Amanda Price vs Danielle Halliday, 5×2 mn rounds, kickboxing
    • Epe Kaihau vs Joey Terei, 5×2 mn rounds, kickboxing
    • Hayellom Tesfay vs Connor Rei, 5×2 mn rounds, kickboxing
    • Kyle Murtagh vs OIlie Schmid, 5×3 mn rounds, MMA
    • Eli Taito vs Michael Tauri, 5×2 mn rounds, kickboxing
    • Robert Dean vs Aaron Taripo, 5×2 mn rounds, kickboxing
    • Dave Carlile vs Hooch Mun, 5×2 mn rounds, kickboxing
    • Isaac Kingsford vs Tokomaru Taylor, 5×2 mn rounds, kickboxing
  • Sop Tieng vs JonnyJensen, 5×2 mn rounds, kickboxing

Preliminary Card

    • Malachi Fa’apoi vs Lima Kahegan, 3×3 mn rounds, MMA
    • Wanda Gamba vs Taalili Wilson, 3×2 mn rounds, kickboxing
    • Ollie Burnett vs Max Tipelu, 3×2 mn rounds, kickboxing
    • Ethan Carlile vs Jakub Boguslawski, 3×2 mn rounds, kickboxing
    • Shaheer vs James Tomasi, 3×2 mn rounds, kickboxing
    • Eva Choy vs Kavita Jadarum, 3×2 mn rounds, kickboxing
    • Jed Carlile vs Anthony Vitale, 3×2 mn rounds, kickboxing
  • Raheem Sayid vs Julian Jensen, 3×2 mn rounds, kickboxing

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